Cambridge Garden Centre


Save gas, time, and labour by arranging a delivery from one of our trucks! Each of the delivery trucks has its own specialty. The Cambridge Garden Centre offers curbside delivery of all bulk materials. Whether you require multiple materials or a product in bulk, we have the perfect truck for you!

The Split Box is a cost effective way to have two different materials delivered to you. This truck is unique in that it has a divider that separates the products in order to eliminate the risk of mixing of the materials.


The Aluminum Box is a great way to have a lesser quantity of soil, mulch, or aggregates delivered to you for an affordable price. It can hold up to 5 yards of triple mix soil, 3 yards of topsoil, 10 yards of mulch, or 3 yards of aggregates.


The Slinger Truck is the ultimate truck to help you unload and spread your bulk material. This truck offers precision placement of soil, mulch, and aggregates – it can even work over fences and walls! Eliminate labour and time with a Slinger Truck delivery.


The Crane Truck is an exceptional truck equipped with a long arm ranging 15 feet long able to lift and accurately place skids of stone, armour stone, steps, yard bags, and large trees. Arrange gardens effortlessly with this truck!


Get bulk material delivered to you in one quick and efficient delivery with the cost effective International or Tandem Trucks. These large trucks are convenient for bigger jobs and save you money by avoiding multiple small deliveries and pickups.